I want to be able to view data created with filemaker pro on my muse site

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I have created a muse site and would like to include a page that has five drop down menus on it that pull from a (preferably filemaker pro) database. The idea being, that each dropdown determines where the next set of data is pulled from in the database.
I have spent some time looking around and seen a lot of information about business catalyst etc but have not seen a clear and definitive answer.
Can anybody point me in the right direction?
Many thanks in advance!
Thank you Anshul, much appreciated. I will look into trying this! Ill get back to you. Thanks for the link too. Ill take the following(see below) from it and try that out too!
"Late to the party but I've worked with filemaker pro in the past and the BC API extensively.
Filemaker pro is well filemaker pro, it's meant for little commercial ventures or organizing your CD collections, anything business with over 20,000 records I would use or get something else (like BC). Even MS acesss is better, although harder to use, filemaker is also prone to database corruption so you need to backup.
For automation, filemaker pro has ODBC connect-ability so you can directly access the data stored within it, piping data in or out or to the BC API if you wanted. Since filemaker pro is a self contained local app (and if I were building something) I would build a little local tool app you could launch and import / export the data for you based on your business rules or what you were trying to automate, this could be automated if you wanted to do something like that.
If you or anyone is interested, it's relatively straight forward working with ODBC since it's base is SQL to get to the data. Just need the business logic on what you want to achieve."
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