ICloud, Lion, Contacts, iPhone 4, & iPad 2

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I upgraded my Mac book Pro to Lion and at the same time setup iCloud.  Lion upgrade went great.  After iCloud install I synced with my Address Book and iCal.  Calendar sycn went fine, but the Address book pulled about 25% of my contacts up to iCloud.   After which I synced my iPhone and the same contacts that were moved up to iClould were removed from my iPhone 4.  What makes this even more interesting is the contacts that were pulled up to iCloud are my most frequently used numbers?
In additon, my Address Book on my Mac still has all the original contacts, but will not let me re-sync with my iPhone.  But, on my iPad, all contacts are still there with none removed?
I have looked through a number of forums on Apple Support, but have not found anything like this - yet.
I have turned off iCloud syncing for everything on my Mac for now, but I would like to get the contacts back on my iPhone.  I would rather not do this 'by hand' as there are about 175 very detailed contacts.
Anyone have any ideas?
Thanks in advance,
Joe Simmons
OK, I got it to work, by turning iCloud Contacts off, as you suggested.  I then went into iTunes and checked the Contacts syncing in iTunes.  I had gotten messages saying sycning Contacts and iCal would no longer work with iTunes, but I guess it does if you turn off iCloud?  Regardless, I now have all my contacts back on my iPhone, (whew)!
Thanks again Winston.
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