In contacts, how can I move a contact from one account to another?

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My husband and I have (happily) shared contacts for years and all of a sudden we realized that some contacts would show up on one of my devices, but not on his.  After looking at the issue more closely, we realized that I somehow now have (and do NOT want) an additional contacts account called "on my Mac" that has been inadvertently populated with 22 contacts.
1)  How can I move those to our shared account?
         When that is complete,
2)  How can I delete the account called "On my mac"?
Thanks SO much, Barney.  How embarrassing, I could have sworn that I tried that first.
I will definitely get them all moved over before I delete that account and I've already gone in & changed my preferences.  Several years ago, my husband I decided to share one calendar and one contacts list, using his mobile me account and it's been great for us.  I'm particularly thrilled to no longer serve as a human rolodex and I guess that I paniced a bit when I thought there might be a problem with our system.  I'm still confused where that "On my mac" account came from on the first place.  Do you suppose that was an automatic thing that came with the Mountain Lion upgrade?
thanks again!
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