Installing Adobe Photoshop CC / Updade or reinstall Photoshop CS6

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I installed now Photoshop CC on my MacBook too and registered succesfully with my Adobe ID. But now, when I want to start Photoshop CC, it asks me for a serial number or gives me the only other possibilty to use Photoshop CC for 30 days to test it. I think I never got a serial number when I started paying monthly for Adobe CC. How can I solve this problem?
2nd problem: I wanted to update Adobe Photoshop CS6 on my MacBook. I got the error code U44M1P7. I deleted CS6 on my MacBook and wanted to reinstall it from the Adobe Site, but I cannot find the place on your homepage to download it.
Hi Thomas Wyser,
Please refer to the mentioned link, as CC apps do not require serial number:
For the error code U44M1P7 and to download the products refer to the below mentioned links:
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