IPad volume doesn't work with 3rd party apps & volume slider gone.

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After even a Slide to Power Off, I'll reboot the iPad and I'll launch, say, The Daily Show app. What I encounter is that there is no volume. The physical volume switch has no affect. The volume slider in the video player has been replaced by the word "iPad..." with the ellipse. If I hit the AirPlay button, instead of seeing the menu options "iPad, AirPort Express, Apple TV," I see "AirPort Express, Apple TV, iPad..." (again, with the ellipse) with the last item selected. Selecting either AirPort Express or Apple TV does not take (and, again there is no sound from the iPad even with "iPad..." selected. The volume slider on the multitask bar is also gone.
If I go to the native iPad Video app, everything looks and works normally. If I then go, say, to the ABC Player app and launch a video, I get the same thing that I get with the Daily Show app.
Any ideas?
You havn't got the old old rotation lock switch 'on' have you ? That mutes notifications now (but not the Apple iPod or Videos app), so may be causing the problems that you're having (as I havn't got those apps I can't check). Rotation lock is now on the taskbar
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