IPhone isn't recognized by iTunes

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I can't sync my iPhone but my iPod does. Furthermore, all services, physical connections appear to be running/operable. iTunes diagnostic test even showed every possible service I could think of working but returned a sync test result of "no ipod, iphone or iPad found", yet the phone charges, and I can download my pix via any appropriate app on the computer.
iTunes diagnostic results also allowed the list to be saved which I haven't posted due to its length and because it showed nothing was at fault or not running, et cet.
I've reinstalled iTunes, used different USB connections, rebooted the computer, rebooted the iPhone to no avail. It really appears to be w/in the iTunes s/w because everything up to that point is fine.
Installing a software or a software update cannot "fry" a hard drive, so this was a coincidence. As an example, installing an OS update can bring an underlying/unknown problem to the surface but isn't the cause of a resulting problem after the install.
Per a post you made on September 26, 2009, your hard drive had failed at that time.
The new hard drive installed last September - less than a year ago has failed after installing the current iTunes version? If so and you've had two complete hard drive failures in less that a year, this has nothing to do with the iTunes version installed and being used.
If no change after re-installing the current iTunes version over the existing without deleting iTunes first, try deleting iTunes first before doing so.
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