IPhoto '08 Cannot Delete Video

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Recently, I upgraded to iPhoto 7.1 (347) and am having a problem handling videos... I have 175 movies taken with my digital camera imported into my library (and they have been there since I upgraded from iPhoto 6.x). One day, I decided that I HATED how iPhoto couldn't pass off the videos to iWeb properly, so I decided to remove the videos from iPhoto and handle them manually. Well, it seems that the videos did actually get deleted from my library (as I can't find them in the actual library) but I still see the thumbnails in iPhoto. Now, I have done the whole CMD-OPTION thing when I start iPhoto to rebuild the thumbnail cache and library database, but I STILL see the thumbs to these movies. I did notice that I could go into the 'Data' directory in my library (via Finder) and delete the thumbs that way BUT when I do that, the movies are still referenced in iPhoto, but the thumbnail is blank.
Please, someone tell me how to get rid of these things... I am losing my mind (my OCD is killing me over this one).
No, I couldn't. It would just make that sound that says 'I don't think so'. HOWEVER... I did figure out what the problem was. It had to do with Keywords. All of my movies have the keyword 'Movie'. If I used Keyword Manager 1.3.2 to select all things with the keyword 'Movie', I could not delete from the results. I uninstalled Keyword Manager, and using iPhoto's built in keyword search, looked up 'Movie' and was able to delete them. Thanks for the timely response. I apologize for wasting your time on this one...
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