Is there any way to recover ePrinter account email by using a ePrinter e-mail address?

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My problem is as follows, I registered my printer onto ePrintCenter and set custom email address to my printer. But, I logged out from the ePrintCenter and sine that time I couldn't login into the ePrintCenter any more as the system says that the e-mail address I set for ePrinterCenter is not used in the system.
So, I have my ePrinter e-mail, is there any way to recover ePrintCenter email address by using the printer email?
Thank you, Agrifert.
Hi Agrifert,
Unfortunately its not possible to retrieve the email address you used to create your ePrintCenter account from the printer's ePrint email address. Are you still unable to log in to your ePrintCenter account? I'll wait to hear back from you before suggesting any further actions.
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