Item category in a return order

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Hi Gurus,
The scenario is like : We created the sales order and completed  the Goods Issue and then the invoicing for the sales order. When a return order is created, (return giving reference to the original sales order), can anybody please tell me how the item category in returns order is determined.
We have checked the item category assignment in SPRO, but couldnt get the link between the original sales order attributes and the return order item category.
Any help in this regard would be of help to us.
Krishna Mohan
Hi Krishna
In standard SAP, "Return order(RE)" can be created either with reference to "Billing document" OR "Sales order" and there is no Madatory reference for Return order (RE).
Therefore, Return order can be created without  any reference also ,in standard system.
In Copy control (VTAA), you can find  OR  to  RE  as source and target document pair.
Similarly, in copy control (VTAF), you can find  F2  to  RE  as source and target document pair.
If it is required in your organisation, then you can mark "reference mandatory" for Return order (RE).
When you create a Return order(RE) with reference to Sales order(OR),in Copy control (VTAA), no Item category has been proposed for the Target document RE, therefore it is determined from the assignment in the customisation ,as below.
Sales doc type + Item category group + Item usage(if any) + Item category of higher level item(if exists)  = Item category.
e.g, RE  +  NORM  +  (blank)  +  (blank)   =  REN
If ,you create the Return order(RE) with reference to the Billing document (F2), then in copy control(VTAF) at item level, Item category(REN) has been proposed for the target document, so system copies that to target document RE.
So, as beacuse you are creating the Return order(RE) with reference to the Sales order(OR), you have to check the assignment in customisation as above.
Beside this, "Credit for Return(RE)" is always created with reference to the "Return order(RE)" and  NOT with reference to the "Return Delivery(LR)", in standard SAP.
That is why ,if you check the Item category REN, you will find the "Billing relevance" as "B"(Order related Billing docuemnt).
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