ITunes 7.6 Movie Artwork NOT Updating

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First, everything was working fine in 7.5...
Upgraded to 7.6, when I import a movie, it uses the first frame as the artwork (as it always did). However, when I switch to the artwork tab and try to load an image, it won't save it. It acts like it did... but the image doesn't save. If I reopen the artwork tab - it shows empty. I tried dropping into the (Now Playing window - artwork tab - whatever it is called) this doesn't work either.
If it matters (and it hasn't in the past), my library (and entire iTunes folder) is located on an external NAS drive. However, before I got alot of suggestions on configuring this properly - it should be clear this worked 100% perfect in 7.5... and has been working fine for over 2 years. Nothing has changed but the 7.6 iTunes upgrade.
Any ideas anyone?
Anyone with this configuration - would you mind adding some artwork to a new video (movie) file.
Thanks in advance.
I have a similar setup here. My movies and TV shows are all stored safe and sound on a RAID5 NAS drive. iTunes on my Mac Pro connects to this drive via Samba and serves up the video to a Mac Mini and an Apple TV.
I had no problems stashing movie posters in the artwork field before. But now that I've upgraded to iTunes 7.6 I have exactly the same problem, it will not keep the artwork.
If I copy the movie to a local drive and add the artwork it stays in place.
Right now I've got to add the movie to iTunes from the local drive and then move it to the external drive. It add a few steps to the process and I can't think why it doesn't work over the network.
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