Java callout in OSB not showing available methods

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I've made a simple jar which contains a class with a static method which connects to our active directory. I'm using Spring to connect to the ad. The jar is build using maven. When i've build the jar, I have copied it to a Jar directory in my OSB project. I've created a JavaCallout action in which I can select the jar but it doesnt seem to recognize my static method......there are no methods I can select!
Can anyone maybe tell me what is wrong here?
I've compiled the Jar using jdk1.5. Im using 11G ps2. The method takes a String as Input and returns a List.
Thanks in advance!
The ActiveDirectoryAdapterException is a wrapper class which I made to wrap exceptions thrown while connecting to the AD. This class is located in the jar.
I have stripped the method down to its most simplest form like you said.
I have this method on my class:
* Enable a user
* @param aUsername
public static void enableUser(String aUsername) {
}and it still is not seen by OEPE. The weird thing is that it does see another class which has a public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception.
There is no difference between them except that they are in different packages.
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