JBO-25049 When ApplyCriteria

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I have a JBO-25049 error message when I search in a view object.
My JSP page is composed of deux iterators, Iterator Search
and a Iterator Result and a submit button with value ="event_search".
I have declared a DataForwardAction on this JSP page with two methods :
public void onSearch(DataActionContext ctx) throws Exception{
DCBindingContainer bc = ctx.getBindingContainer();
DCIteratorBinding deptIter = bc.findIteratorBinding("FicheCandidatIterator");
ViewCriteria criteria = deptIter.getViewCriteria();
catch (Exception e)
protected void prepareModel(DataActionContext ctx) throws Exception { try{
catch (Exception e)
The error message appears the second time after I have a query without result otherwise results are well displayed.
I suppose the problem is activated by the ViewCriteria.
Have you got a solution ?
Thinks for your answer.
I noticed this in another thread and tried already, although it is not clear to me how this should work. In what JNDI tree should the data source be looked up? The Junit test cases run in JDeveloper, without any weblogic server running.
In any event, I tried using data source java:comp/env/jdbc/<connectionName>DS (what JDeveloper suggests) and I get a JBO-27200 JNDI error cannot lookup data source (translated to English by me).
Best -
Morten Heine.
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