Lightroom 1.2 not importing RAW (CR2) files from 40D

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Just upgraded to LR 1.2 and thought it would solve my problems but find that it doesnt appear to import CR2 files, either directly from a card reader or from a file already saved to the computer. It says files use an unsupported color mode. These were shot in RAW (not sRAW) + JPG and others were just RAW.
Do I need to change any setting in Lightroom to make it work with the new RAW settings?
Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Ooops... Me bad. It works fine. For some reason 1.2 didnt install the first time I ran the installer. After finding that it was still 1.1, I ran the installer again and it took. Now its importing 40D files just fine.
Sorry for the false alarm.
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