Live chat is said to be open 2-4 Thursday. It's 3:20! What's with that?

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When is live chat? It's Thursday at 3:30 and I have monitored it for the last hour and a half and it has remained closed. Better still how can I stop "scores.htm" continuously downloading when I access Google home page with the sports scores gadget part of my profile?
== This happened ==
Every time Firefox opened
== Today Thursday July 15, 3:30 pm,
You are to be open til noon time pacific time. It is 10:24 why are you closed. I need to reinstall Mozilla firefox, I need it for my online schooling. What happened is that when I did the update firefox 4 it disabled my nortons. So I have my nortons back, and they said they will notify me when I can get firefox 4. In the mean time I need to get firefox 3.6 back on my computer and tried everything but it doesn't work. I need this for my classes. I need help now.
Phoebe Rodriguez
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