Locking down WCS and WLC

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Good Afternnon to all,
I have been looking over Document ID 91631 Cisco Unified Wireless Network TACACS+ Configuration.
I tried the setup in our lab and I hit a problem.
WCS is running ver 7  and WiSM is also running 7 code.
ACS is running 4.2
I followed the instructions as they were laid out. I tested my setup using the ID assigned in the ACS. I got an error back when I went to log in to WCS.  "No virtual domain has been assigned to this login and I get bumped out.
No where in this doc does it tell about the Virtual domain in the setup of the user group.
Any thoughts ?
I seem to recall seeing this the first time I used TACACS you need to make sure you have authentication and authorisation aswell as the correct attributes
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