LOM on Intel Xserve - have newer had use of it!!!

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A couple of weeks ago I was happy receive my first Xserve. We have amixed Win and Mac environment and I have used Mac OS Server some time to host domain and such. When a new server was needed I went for a Xserve. One important feature was the LOM.
And it shows me temp, speeds and so on. But when I so badly would need it - to restart or shut down remote for example - it has newer worked! NEWER!
Instead it seems like the processors go into spin (100percent usage) and just rockets into nowere.
Then I travel and spend 10 minutes pushing the button and watch it come up. Exactly what I hoped nto to do...
The server acts a file server, VPN host and OD replica. Which works fine. Not signs in logs which I can understand. Hostnames OK, Static IP. But somthing happens and ... well ARD does not let me in.
In the server monitor all light are green. But the log just says:
07-01-13 17.59.19: Failed to contact server
07-01-13 17.59.40: Failed to contact server
07-01-13 17.59.49: Shut down request sent, waiting for confirmation…
07-01-13 17.59.49: Server shutting down
07-01-13 17.59.50: Failed to contact server
07-01-13 18.00.00: Failed to contact server
07-01-13 18.00.09: Failed to contact server
07-01-13 18.00.30: Failed to contact server
07-01-13 18.00.39: Failed to contact server
I think I have managed to understand OD, but now ...
Any ideas?
TIA anyone!
After some time this does not happen anymore. Don't know what has happened!
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