Mac OS 10.4.11 & X11user.pkg

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I got a big problem to runnig new software on my mac.
I am using a MacOS 10.4.11 and I need the X11user.pkg to run different software.
X11 version 1.1 is installed on my mac, and on the mac os x install disc 1 there is only the x11 version 1.1 too, but i need the x11 version 1.1.3 or greater.
Where can i find this x11 version which supports the MacOS 10.4 and not 10.3 !
In the Internet you can find the x11 version 1.1.3 or greater for the mac os 10.3 version, but there is no new x11 version for the macos 10.4. !
The x11 version for the mac 10.4 and 10.3 are not compatible.
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