Macbookpro imessage contact names not listing - just numbers

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Hi there,
I'm starting a new thread about this because everything I have read through has confused me.
I just had a new hard-drive installed on my Macbook Pro (mid 2009) and Mavericks installed.
All is great, BUT I can't get names to show up on my iMessage here on the Macbook. It's just phone numbers..
I've checked region and language settings (all was fine) and I have synced and checked iCloud... I've disabled and enabled the account through iMessage... All seems right but just can't get names to show up. My contacts are synced, because I see them in my Contact App.
Can someone please help me?
I found the fix. For some reason, my iCloud account preferences setting (in System Preferences) had Contacts unchecked ... something happened during my 10.9.5 upgrade? Not sure. But, all good now.
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