"Make-to-Order Production with Variant Configuration (147)" doesn't work ..

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Hi, I'm trying to run through this scenario ) on the Cloud Showroom and clearly the document I have (147_BPP_EN_UK.doc dated Oct 2008) is out of date or at least out of sync with the system as configured u2018in the cloudu2019 u2026.. the necessary roles specified in the document are not available in the cloud and some of the transactions are not there, e.g. VL10I.
But more infuriating is that the process just does seem to work, for instance from page 13 u2026.
Item  7 ...
"If a material variant can be determined on the Display Material Variant screen, select the configurable line item and choose Enter. In this case the previous configurable material number will be replaced by the new configurable variant that was created. For example, F1000-M1 will replace F1000 if Type of Material Material Metal and Type of Packaging Normal is selected."
In my case Iu2019m not clear what the u201CDisplay Material Variant screenu201D is u2013 the previous instruction (Item 6) from the document says u201CWhen all of the configurable choices have been selected, choose   Back.u201C which takes you back to the document overview. Highlighting the line and pressing enter doesnu2019t do anything and there is no option to select the configurable line item that I can find so the expected material substitution doesnu2019t happenu2026.
I've got a couple of screen scrapes that show the approriate variant material being specified and found (Characteristic Value Assignment) but there doesn't seem to be any way to attach to the forum. I have tried to double click the variant material on the Characteristic Value Assignment screen and also tried clicking clicking once and then 'entering' but neither method resulted in the necessary substitution (i.e. the overview screen still shows F1000 and not the variant material F1000-P1 that has been specified?
Also the schedule line was confirmed as deliverable u2018todayu2019 even through there is not stock u2026 all very puzzling u2013 any help much appreciated.
I found the answer to this myself - I was looking at out of date best practice documents on our server, the latest bast practive documents are written for EHP4 and therefore should work on the 'cloud'.
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