Mini display Port To HDMI not fully working with tv

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Ok So, I am using and 13" macbook Pro Alu (march 2009) and a 40" Samsung LED 120hz 1080p screen (Brand spankin New!). I am connecting the two between a dynex mini Display port adapter to HDMI out. Then have an HDMI cable Running from the adapter to the TV.
My Problem:
When i connect the two together The output to the TV doesn't Fit the whole Screen. There is about a 4 inch Gap on the sides that are just black and about an 1 1/2 inch gap on the top and bottom. This was how it was on my old tv and was hoping it would just work better on the new tv. The old tv was 720p 32 inch toshiba. but it is very frustrating because i use ableton and it defeats the purpose of having such a large display if it doesnt work properly. ive read a couple forums that were similar but non were the exact problem nor the right solution. I downloaded switchresX and it gives me higher resolutions to output but it does not change the gap. Im starting to think it may be a setting on the tv but i have yet to find anything that with fix it on either the settings on the TV nor the computer. please help thank you
When you're in Extended desktop mode (not mirror), and you Open System Preferences > Display, there should be a preference on your main screen and one on the TV.  The one on the TV should have the underscan setting like this:
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