Motion 5, 16bit and Gradients problems

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I got a lot of problems with gradients in my last project.
I did orange gradient in Motion 5 for background, rendered it to ProRes 4444 and got banding and other gradient problems. Same time rendering to TIFF sequence was fine. Then I imported this TIFFs to Motion 4, change project to 16bit mode, enable float render in rendering preferencres. Rendered to same ProRes 4444 and all things are fine& No any banding.
In other hand I got information from manual that Motion 5 always work in 16bit mode. But my test show that output is have problems with right wripping 16bit video to any codec.
Can somebody conform this problems and may be somebody finded any solutions . . .
I can confirm this problem. I've created FCPX templates that look absolutely perfect in FCPX until they are rendered and there is banding in every version of ProRes. I know this problem is specific to Motion and Final Cut as *other programs* have no problem exporting/rendering flawless gradients in at least ProRes LT.
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