Mouse Problem, anyone?

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hi, im kinda new here so i'll just go straight to the point. I have a problem with my pointer, everything was fine this morning but then all of the sudden when i click a menu i have to keep clicking and drag the mouse to actually select something, no more self-opening menu thingies, or anything of the sort. I tried in System Preferences but I just cant seem to find out what happened. I dont do much to the computer, I basically just use photoshop and illustrator.
Hope someone can help me.
This sounds like a glitch of some kind, which might be resolved by simply re-starting the computer.
Additionally you could go into your System Preferences->Keyboard & Mouse settings (accessible from your dock, or from the Blue Apple in the upper left hand corner of your screen).
there are several types of settings, perhaps you could adjust a few of these for yourself and gain better trackpad control:
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