Multiple Screens - On Second Screen Firefox takes most CPU

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Running Windows XP SP3. I have two monitors. When Firefox runs on the first screen everything works fine. When I open a second Firefox, or even just one, and try to use it the second screen - Firefox takes most of the CPU. This is a dual-core AMD system. Basically it was taking all the CPU from one of the cores.
The behaviour you're experiencing is normal. The second screen is actually a stretched version of the filmstrip rather than the real grid view. When second screen is showing a grid view the primary screen will be in loupe view (one image only). Therefore, any attempt to delete multiple images will be denied. Instead, you should get a dialog like the following, which asking to decide between remove/delete the most selected image (i.e. the master).
The workaround is to make the primary display the grid view and second the loupe view, although this approach introduces some of its own limitations.
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