My iPhone 4 has crashed.  i tunes will not recognize it and I can't restore it.  I sync with macbook pro and all software is up to date.  no anti-virus applications/software are on my macbook.  any ideas?

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my iphone 4g has crashed.  itunes doesn't seem to recognize it and wil not let me restore it.  i have updated all software and there are no anti-virus apps/software on the macbook that this phone syncs with.  i do get an error message on the phone that says something like the accessory is not compatible but I have no accessory for the phone other than the apple chargers and ear buds.  any thoughts? 
The possible fix for the "this accessory is not compatible" is to carefully clean the dock port with isopropyll alcohol especially the pins which are on top of the mid rib. Be firm but do not break anything. Let it dry for a minute. See if that helps, if not try to clean one more time. If problems persist might need to Visit Apple.
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