My ipod nano 7th gen. won't save the changes I make to a song's start and stop time. How do I fix this?

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So I have a few songs that I don't like the intro to or the end of it that I had cut to where I wanted on my previous ipod. When I try to do the ame thing with this one with the start and stop time, it will work for awhile and then randomly start and stop where it had originally. I have done it like 4 times now for some songs and I can't seem to get it to stick. Suggestions?
If you use the Sync feature in iTunes, then it needs to be done to the song in your Music Library, then synced with the iPod.  If you do not use the Sync feature and are performing the changes to the song on your iPod specifically, then the setting may be getting overwritten when you drag the song that's already on the iPod back onto the iPod.  It will overwrite all local settings for the song on the iPod with the settings in your library. 
Try performing the changes to the song in your music library, and then dragging it back over to your ipod (or Sync your iPod if you use that feature).  This will make sure that the setting are consistent in both your library and iPod in-case you were to ever overwrite the song once more.
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