My macbook 4.1 osx 10.6.8 hanged after i install osx lion

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i can use my macbook it hanged how to reboot it pls help sos
If you have your original system disc, the Snow Leopard dvd also works. I would put that in and start up holding down the option key until you see the spinning gear. Let go of the key and when you see the volumes show up, select the DVD and start up from that.
Once it loads, go to Utilities in the menu bar and come down to Disk Utility. Open it and see if your hard disk show up. If so, click your hard disk and then click Verify Disk. Wait until it finishes. If it says the Disk needs to be repaired, repair the disk and see if that helps.
If it says no problems found, I would make sure you have a back up and reinstall Snow Leopard.
Hope this is clear and report back to me the results.
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