Need help placing photo image in laptop screen of a video...

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I have footage that is both zooming and panning, and need a photo image to fit within the laptop screen space during the duration of the pan/zoom.  Should I use "Track Motion" accompanied with key-framing in 2D?  Does this make sense?  Is there an easier way to achieve this, or is that the way to go?
Here is a rough take of the clip of which I speak.  In reality, we will be placing the same image on both the HDTV and the laptop in the shot.  Hopefully, this will make what I have said above a little more clear.  Hope you can help.  Thanks much.
If you have CS4 then I would recommend using Mocha for AE (a planar tracking software from imagineers system that comes bundled with AE CS4). It's basically designed for the kinds of stuff you described. There are some helpfull tutorials on the imagineer systems's website:
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