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I use my 3G ipod in my car with an alpine stereo that supports ipods. Every now and then the alarm sets its self and will go off in the middle of the night completely draining my battery by the next morning.
Is there any way I could remove or delete the alarm function from my ipods software?
When you say you want to "remove" pictures from the iPod, do you mean you want to transfer those pictures from your iPod to your new computer? If so, do not erase and sync your iPod as you will lose all those pictures from your iPod for ever.
If you copied photos to your iPod using the full resolution option, enable disk use, open your iPod in "my computer", open the photos folder then open the "full resolution" folder and drag the photos out of that folder to your desktop. For enabling disk use look here.
Disk Use.
If you only copied the photos as thumbnails, you can't do this so you'll need a program such as this one.
iPod Photo Copy. (Windows only)
iPod Photo Liberator. (both Mac and Windows versions available)
Photos as thumbnails won't be of the original quality when copied back to your computer.
And btw, this is a "connecting iPod classic to a Mac" forum!
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