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I need help removing a background from a picture.  My boss wants some t-shirts made but the only image I have is one with a tie-dye background and I need it to just be the black and white that is on the image.  I have been trying for 2 weeks to do this and I can get real close but it leaves the colors around the edges and I need this gone.  Any ideas?  Anyone that can help me out?  I have the original photo and the one with almost everything removed if someone can help me fine tune the rest that would be great.
You've done all the hard work and are almost there!
Starting with your b/w rendition, duplicate the background layer, and shut off the visibility of the background layer. Work on background copy layer
Go to Enhance menu>convert to black and white>vivid landscape style
Open a blank layer between the background and background copy layers and fill this layer with white
Make the background copy layer active and use the eraser tool to clean up a few smudges on the background copy layer
Open a blank layer at the top of the stack, and press CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+E to create a stamp visible layer
With the rectangular marquee tool, make a rectangular block selection of "DRIVE-IN THEATRE" and place this on its own layer (CTRL+J). Make the blending mode multiply, then duplicate this layer 3-4 times.
For the text on the bottom, suggest that you erase this and replace the information with the type tool.
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