Need help with fixing msi gt683 laptop

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Hello. I have a GT 683 R that i bought a couple of months back, i recently did a factory restore on it and afterwards i didn't have the disk to finish the process, so i started messing with the settings and everything i reset the raid to non raid and now i'm stuck on a screen that says "Reboot and Select proper Boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key".
I tried using the recovery again and it wouldn't even boot to that menu, i hit F11 to try to boot from disc but all it does is go to the reboot and select proper boot device screen.
I need a lot of help on this because i'm not really good with computers.
if you switch from AHCI or IDE, back to RAID in the BIOS (by pressing DEL when the MSI logo appears on the screen, and going to "advanced options")
does it boot into the recovered system ?
switching into/out of RAID mode, requires you to use the RAID setup screen to configure the RAID when it's installed, by pressing ctrl + i when you see the RAID screen just after the MSI logo screen on booting up each time.
as for recovery, you may have more options depending on if you break the RAID, or if you have a backup of windows 7 or a way to copy the ISO to a USB. or just put in the recovery DVD's (mine weren't too helpful)
switching out of RAID mode is tricky because the controller makes small changes to the HDD's so they are recognised as RAID.
typically, windows won't let you see the drive if the flag is set, but you can wipe the setting out using backup/clone software or low-level tools that bypass the normal windows settings to blank the drive.
or you can use the RAID setup screen to remove the drives from the array, which is quite a lot faster and less effort, but you will lose all the data on the drives in both situations when switching from RAID, to 2 drives.
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