New MacBook Pro and 30" display - resolution wrong

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Just got new MBP with Snow Leopard. Had 30" Cinema Display connected to old mbp with dual DVI (at least, I think that's what it is - I'm not connector/adapter literate). Since there was no port for the multi-pin part of the adapter I called Apple support, who told me I needed "dual link DVI cable" - she told me it sells for about $10. The Apple store Genius told me I already had a dual link DVI cable, based on the fact that the display worked with my old mbp and that I needed a Mini DisplayPort to DVI Adapter, which cost $29. Hooked it up and 30" display came to life, but the maximum resolution available in system preferences is 1280 x 800. I really need the full resolution for work. Can anyone give me a solution or will I have to go back to the Apple store tomorrow?
Thanks. That was exactly what I needed. I'm a little disappointed with the initial tech support solution and the genius at the store. I've never been steered wrong by apple support before.
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