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I have been trying to set up my new 8500A printer all afternoon. It keeps asking for a e-mail address for the printer but when I try to access it, there is nothing there. When I use the touchscreen to find it, the word "connecting" comes on the screen with the HP logo and after a few moments, it times itself out. I have tried printing the paperwork 3 times and no where does it list an e-mail address. Any ideas? Someone? Anyone?
I too just purchased a new 8500A printer and am having trouble with the ePrint Email Registration.
I'm connected via ethernet and I'm able to access the WebServer and print to it and everything.  I have applied the downloaded product updates with no issues.
When I try to activate the WebServices to get an ePrint Email address...I either get a "Unable to connect" error...or it DOES connect but never prints my ePrint document.
I've reset the factory WebServices settings and tried again with same issues.
BUT NOW...I can select the "Print Email Address" option and the display will "BLUE SCREEN" and then all lights flash with a "Please turn off and back on" error.
AND Now I cannot access the APPS option from the main screen either...saying it can't connect to
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