No E-Mail Updates or High Bit-Rate Audio Using WiFi

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When I use WiFi and click on the mail icon, my 3GS will not update my e-mail messages. The network activity icon just keeps going and going. Additionally, I cannot get audio streams over 128k on apps such as Wunderradio. Everything works fine on 3G networks and I have enabled the high bit rate option for the apps that have such an option.
The two problems happen on all Wifi networks, so the problem isn't my home network
Anyone else have this problem or know how to fix it?
Yes. I am able to surf the internet and do everything else except for the two problems I outlined in my original post. The icon switches from 3G to the WiFi "fan". Using the application I have checked my WiFi connection and it is usually at 4,400 kbps download and 1,000 kbps upload.
In case someone asks: I am using an e-mail account, but have also tried my account with the same results.
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