Not able to delete the data from ODS

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Hi All,
I have ODS which is having some requests . All the requests are being loaded with full update only. When I am trying to delete the requests from ODS,  out of 4 requests 2 requests have been deleted but rest of them are not at all deleting .
As I am working in Quality system, So I don't have the access to delete request from Table level like RSODSACTREQ, RSICCONT etc...
Can you give any clue to delete the remaining 2 requests.
Hi kavitha,
Does the Request has data mart status.IF yes try to delete the request from the respective DSO's.
and try to delete the request.
are you deleting the Whole data from DSO ? - right click on the DSO and select deleted data from the context menu.
Prashanth K
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