Now what?  HDD full, won't boot, need to back up data

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First, this machine belongs to my daughter who doesn't watch things like file size.....Ok, I know I need to do a re-install since all other simple solutions haven't worked and I see the HDD is at 100% capacity and the machine will not boot to the start up disk. However, Disk Utility can't perform a backup image operation, it says file too large, and it doesn't have the ability to select specific folders to image, just the whole freakin drive.
When trying an Archive and Install operation, that option is not an option, it tells me I have to erase and re-install. OK, fine, but I need to pull her User folder files before I erase everything.
It seems I'm out of backup options, but is there any use to Single Mode Use or Terminal? - anyone have any solutions to copying this user folder to my attached USB drive?
Another option would be to replace the internal drive and put the old one in an external enclosure, and install the OS onto it and have it move all the data from the old drive, but this would depend on what all is stored on the old drive and how big it is, upgrading would be up to you, otherwise taking it into the Genius Bar would be one of the only other options.
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