OL 2003 crashing on open data file

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When I try to open a pst file in OL2003 on Win 7 the OL crashes. I have repaired the PST with scanpst, have done a detect and repair, and have tried safe mode but had no luck. How can I open the data file please? The data file opens fine in OL2010 on a different
Win 7 machine.
Hi Friend,
I guess there is a compatibility issue with a file format between Outlook 2003 and 2010. Follow the given instruction and see the results:
Computer >> Local Disk C >> Program Files >> Microsoft Office >> Office >> Outlook.exe
Make a right click on outlook.exe and go to properties. You will see
“Run this program in compatibility mode for” under the Compatibility tab, uncheck it and click on
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Clark Kent
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