OSB db-adapter: how to pass a proxy user or something like this?

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Hello, on OSB with a Oracle db-adapter, I'd like to do some database updates. Usually the db-adapter is set up with a technical database user.
But on database side, this way I don't know exactly which user has been updating my table because only the technical user will be inserted into "Created_by" Column
(select USER from dual ==> technical user).
Now I thougt about using Proxy Users. But there exists some other Problems:
- every proxy user has to be initially created in the database
- how can I pass proxy user and technical user from OSB to the database?
(using JCA, JNDI and JDBC Data Sources)
... on JDBC datasources I can only specify hard coded userid/password (--> technical user)
Any help would be appreciated. Maybe some good white papers or tutorial exists in the web, but I can't finde a good one.
Best regards
You can pass in the adapter header property "jca.db.ProxyUserName". That way you can specify a user for each invoke.
I got confirmation that OSB supports setting these properties. The sample adapters-db-201-MovieImages on soasamples.samplecode.oracle.com > Adapters shows working with header properties but with Mediator.
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