OWA will not display Options Display All Options

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We upgraded Exchange 2010 to SP3 the other day.
OWA Users are not able to select OPTIONS > Display All options.
The browser just reloads and displays no additional options.
Thi shas been tested with Chrome, IE , Mac, Win 7 and Win 8. 
All with the same outcome!
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated?
Many thanks in advance
Have you tried to recreate the OWA virtual directory?
If you haven't, please try to recreate the OWA virtual directory to check result.
If the issue persists, please check the application log to see if there is any related error message.
Please check if  Outlook Web App is running in the Light Version.
Besides, please check the setup log and make sure you upgrade to SP3 successfully.
Best regards,
Belinda Ma
TechNet Community Support
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