Palm Drive Mode not working with Mac OS 10.4.9

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Since upgrading to Mac OS 10.4.9, my Palm LifeDrive PDA does not work in Drive Mode (no hard drive icon appears when connected by USB). There were no problems in 10.4.8 or earlier. This issue has been mentioned by other users on the Palm Discussion forums but no solutions have been offered. Palm Tech support also seems to be in the dark (for now).
Does any one else have a similar problem and any suggestions/advice would be greatly appreciated?
MacBook Pro, 15" display, 2.33GHz, 160GB, 3GB RAM   Mac OS X (10.4.9)  
Yep. Found the same thing with my Tungsten T5. I even tried the trick that seems to be working for the TomTom guys by plugging it in through a USB 1.1 hub but that doesn't work either. It just locks up the Palm and I have to reset via the button on the back.
Apple doesn't seem to be doing anything from what I can see either as I've not heard of any proposed fixes from them on this.
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