Partner Bank Type in Vendor Master

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Good afternoon
I have the situation where a Vendor has more than one bank account - eg. one bank account for Euro and one bank account for Sterling
In the vendor master I have created the 2 lines on the bank details screen and created Partner bank types EUR1 & GBP1 under the BnkT field. First question is can these be pre-defined anywhere in Customizing?
I have assigned eg. the GBP1 Partner Bank type in the header "Payments" tab when in transaction MIRO however I am getting an error message that says "Customer has no bank details of the bank type GBP1"
Please help. Thank you
I have checked transactio FI01.
The bank key and country for my 2 bank accounts are the same and are already set up. I do not see anything that would link to the BnkT field. Any other ideas?
It's the BVTYP field (Partner Bank type header) in the MIRO transaction that does not seem to link to the BnkT field in the vendor master bank details. Do you know why this is?
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