.PDF files in DVD ROM content

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I am using a Mac and Encore CS4. I am trying to include a .pdf file as DVD ROM content. Whenever I try this, all .pdf files are "grayed out" and I can't use them. Adobe Acrobat Reader 9 and Adobe Acrobat Pro are both installed on the computer. I can read .pdf files outside of Encore.
Any help would be appreciated.
To add to Ruud's comment. When adding DVD-ROM content (Build tab; about half way down), you cannot add files; you must add folders. But you can have anything you want inside the folder.
If you really want the file at the root of the DVD (i.e. not in a folder), build from Encore to a DVD folder without the file(s). Then use ImgBurn, add the Video_TS folder and any other files, then burn. I've never done this before, so I did a quick test (but I am CS3). Such a disk plays as a DVD in a set top DVD player and on a PC through wmp, and, on the PC, I can open the file from the disk.
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