Please Help - 2006-007 - Can't Install Office -Archive & Install?

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Did the new security update; then went to upgrade from Office X to Office 2004. Everything works but Entourage - it won't even launch.
Hours with Micro s**t on the phone and they have no idea.
Should I revert back to my pre 2006-007 version with my SuperDuper clone (all data is current) to 10.8.4 from an extenal hard disk to my Mac and try installing Office 2004,
Should I do an Archive & Install, upgrade to 10.4.8, not do the 2006-007 security update, and try getting Office 2004 to load Entourage that way?
(Never had to do a reverse clone to my Mac - scared - will it work?).
iMac CDRW   Mac OS X (10.4.8)  
I'd like to give an update and ask for any additional help.
I tried to install Office 2004, after the 2006-007 Security Update by using the Setup Assistant and by drag and drop; tried that in normal mode and in a safe boot (to make sure everything was essentially shut down). I have no login items active. Word, Excel, Powerpoint all loaded perfectly on each occasion (10 attemps so far). Only Entourage will not load - although Entourage is present in the Microsft Office 2004 folder and everything appears in Home>Documents>Microsft User Data.
Then I did a SuperDuper clone back from my external to the iMac G4, went to OS 10.4.8 before the update, and tried installation both through Setup Assistant and by drag and drop - still to no avail. I did not try Safe Boot after regressing back to the pre 2006-007 state (ran out of time).
In all instances, both before and after the SuperDuper retrograde, Word, Excel, Powerpoint all loaded perfectly. Only Entourage won't launch. The Entourage icon on the dock will bounce about ten times, but launch fails. One time I actually got the black arrow to appear under the icon on the dock, but then it went away (that was after Safe Boot with the 2006-007 Security Update installed).
I tried the install on another G4 with the Security Update installed, and Entourage fussed a bit but did load and is now working properly. So, I went back to the iMac, ran Disk Utility off the install disc - all came up fine; permissions were repaired repeatedly during this process and not one time did anything need repair. I used Onyx and cleaned the cashes, obsolete items and so forth, and ran all 3 scripts. Still no launch of Entourage. I used Onyx andPreferential Treatment and all prefernces checked out perfectly.
Is there something in the system that causes apps to launch that might need fixing, and if so, why only this one app? If so, what and how would I test its integrity? (Entourage in Office X works perfectly on the afflicted iMac G4).
Any suggestsions of something I might be overlooking?
I hate the thought of an Archive and Install just to find out if it will make one silly application load from an install disc.
I can't read Console logs, but there is stuff there about Entourage failing. Would a post of those help someone help me?
Thanks and Cheers!
iMac CDRW Mac OS X (10.4.8)
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