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I do a lot of studio work in low-light conditions with a Canon dSLR Rebel. I wear glasses and depend almost entirely on the auto focus feature. My eyes are real bad and I'm never sure if I have chosen the right AF point. The tiny LCD screen on the camera is almost useless to assess focus on playback especially with my eyes in low-light conditions. I need to preview a larger version of the current picture before I shoot again. I was pulling the card from the camera and inserting it into the computer and had to go through all the shots just to find the current one. This breaks up the shoot and disrupts the workflow. Now, I leave the card in the camera and use Lightroom to "import" the pics even though I don't want to import them just to see the shot. I was wondering if there's a setting or a way to instantly preview the shot I just took in a much larger version without all the fuss. TIA for any input.
All of your images when imported into LR from the watched folder are done so as there native RAW file. If you wish to convert all of your images to DNG, then you will have to do so after the shoot.
Be sure to check in the preferences/remote shooting dialogue box "save also on the cameras memory card".
Unfortunately, there appears to be a bug with the conversion of tethered RAW files to DNG's once in LR.
By making sure you keep your images on the CF card, you have a backup if the conversion fails.
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