Problem loading video to FLVPlayback

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I'm doing the exercises included in the book "ActionScript 3.0 for Adobe Flash CS4 Professional Classroom in a Book", but I have run into a problem I cannot solve regarding the use of the source property of the FLVPlayback component.
This is how the folders structure of the project is laid out:
- Lesson11 >
- Complete
- Start >
- video >
I have an instance of FLVPlayback in the stage in file lesson11_start.fla
Following instructions in the exercise, I have to assign the source property of this component the video file listed above by using the component inspector. So I have to click on the magnifying glass in the field which corresponds to the mentioned property, and browse to this video file.
I can't do that. There is no browse dialog box, just one with a field in which you must enter the path to the video file.
So what I do is to enter this relative path (I'm using Windows):
An error like this appears: "NetsStream.Play.StreamNotFound", saying that there is no video file there!
I also try with absolute paths, with slashes instead of backslashes..., and I just get to get it working if I copy this video file in the same folder in which lesson11_start.fla is, and enter "solution5.f4v".
Please somebody tell me the reason why paths don't work as expected.
One of the reasons that it may not be working as you expect is that when flash is deployed to a webserver the relative path is mapped from the location of the html file it is mapped to and not from where the swf file resides. I don't think this applies to running locally on your machine. Did you try just entering video\yourvideoname.f4v ?
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