Problem uploading SSL certificat on a WLC 5508

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I'm trying to upload a SSL-certificate (RSA:2048) on a WLC 5508 via the "Management->HTTP-HTTPS" - Tab and get the following problem :
*TransferTask: Jul 18 16:36:14.487: %UPDATE-3-CERT_INST_FAIL: updcode.c:1276 Failed to install Webauth certificate. rc = 1
*TransferTask: Jul 18 16:36:14.487: %SSHPM-3-KEYED_PEM_DECODE_FAILED: sshpmcert.c:4028 Cannot PEM decode private key
I've generated it using the following commands:
# openssl pkcs12 -export -in my.crt -inkey my.key -certfile -out CA.pfx
# openssl pkcs12 -in CA.pfx -nodes -out CA.pem
But it doesn't work...
Does anyone have an idea?
Best regards,
Hello Eric,
I'm facing the same problem, when trying to upload a chained SSL certificate (2048bits) to the wlc version
Did you use an unchained certificate and what size is your cert?
According to a Cisco document, for controllers version and later, only unchained certificates are supported for the management certificate.
I'm just wondering, if this limitation still applies to the newer versions.
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