Problem with Canon LPB 6670,

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Hello, I have problem with Canon LPB 6670, while printing both sides the paper is jammed every time
First clarify this statement...
I captured video, and when I went on FCP and did log and capture, it said the camcorder was offline.<</div>
Have you already captured with this camera or are you trying to capture with it now?
If you're trying to capture with it now, are you capturing to an external harddrive? If so, the problem may be because you're overtaxing your FW bus.
If you're not already, you might try capturing to your internal (so the iMac is only accessing the camera on the single FW bus), then transfer the media to an external to edit.
Does the iMac recognize the camera? (check in System Profiler)
Is the camera in playback mode?
Have you tried shutting down and making sure your camera is on before opening FCP?
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