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I am using the Apple Mac Pro with Mac OS X tiger. I can't see any icon for x11 in the utilities, while installing x11 says it already exists on the disc.
Can anyone help me with this situation?
Apple Mac Pro   Mac OS X (10.4.6)  
I installed x11 using the installation disc with update option
I'm not sure what that means. I have a standard Tiger DVD. When it mounts with a window in icon view that has two pdf files, an Install Mac icon, and Xcode Tools, and if I scroll there is then an Optional Installs package (looks like a box). You double click that, and get an installer window, click continue, do the license thing, select your disk, then click the disclosure triangle for Applications and check X11 and click the install button. If it installs successfully you will have the receipt:
And X11 itself will be in your Utilities folder. You can not download an X11 installer for Tiger from the Apple site. All that is there for Panther, or the special package of developer tools for--X11SDK.pkg. Are you sure you didn't install the Xcode tools? They include the X11SDK.pkg, but that is NOT the X11 you want. It would explain the message when you attempted to install what you downloaded, as it is the SDK stuff for Panther.
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