Quicktime error. It says I need to update to 7.7 but I already have 7.7 installed. HELP

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Quicktime is no longer working properly. I get a notice that I need to update to 7.7, but my mac says I have 7.7. How can I Fix this? I'n NOT tech savy, and my live in tech support (my kids) had the audacity to grow up and move away, so please be gentle...
I have OS 10.5.8, Perian and Flip4mac wmv installed by apple at the store. I was having lots oF trouble so Apple replaced my keyboard, wiped my computer and reinstalled the OS and did all the Updates. They also added Flip4mac wmv player and perian. Everything worked great For a while but it's getting messy again. The lower case F has stopped working when I type online, but it works when I type otherwise. (Not sure iF that's related.)
What is the GarageBand version that your friend is using?
If it is GarageBand '11, version 6.0.5, you can buy GarageBand '11 as a boxed retail version with the iLIfe '11 bundle, e.g. from Amazon.
Then you can upgrade GarageBand '11 to 6.0.5, using this upgrader from the Support page:
                 GarageBand 6.0.5
GarageBand 6.0.5 will work well with your system.  But if your friend is using the newest GarageBand 10, this will not help. Then ask your friend to send you audio files for each track, so you can recreate the project from the audio.  Or your friend could also use GarageBand '11 for the projects you want to share, that will run well in all newer MacOS X versions, even with GarageBand 10.0 installed on the same system.
-- Leonie
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