Re: Qosmio G30 - RAID Problems on OS Installation

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I've had my Qosmio G30-161 for half a year, and thought it'd ought to be time to reinstall the whole thing, so i could get rid of stuff i didn't need (Programs, Viruses and non-interesting video clips).
So i took my XP MCE Cd and tried to install, and i got guided through and come to the place where i needed to choose between 1st Unknown, 2nd Stripping, and 3rd Mirroring. I choose the stripping as i wished my harddrives to be in one. Then when i pressed "next" it gave me the error message "1005 - HDD not ready?"
I've tried going into the BIOS and chaneg the setting to different settings that Toshiba told me to, but it also warned me that if i changed the settings my OS would have to be reinstalled. No problem there. But i still get the same error message "HDD not ready?". So now i have to use another computer than my own to check the forums and mail etc.
Anyone know what i should do? I'll be glad with anything as long as i can have both my harddrives (60GB+60GB), and a working OS. :)
Please help, I'm urging for it, since the computer is the one i use for my school work. Feel free to ask questions about system stuff. If you have an answer, please let it be simple, since i realy don't wanna mess up again ^_^
Please check the details in user manual about the RAID installation.
Usually if you are using the clean Windows XP disk then you will have to include the RAID drivers firstly.
Without preinstalled RAID drivers the HDD will be not recognized and you will be not able to install the OS!
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