Re: Use of Variables in Formula (GRR3 Report)

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I have defined a report in the GRR3 transaction (Report writer) and am trying to use a variable in one of the columns. By reading the advice, it says you can enter the variable (0F-RP00 for example) as '&0F-RP00' and it should work, i am doing this but it keeps on telling me that it is incorrect. Can anybody tell me what i may be missing?
The Variable is created of course. In fact, its standard 0F-RP00.
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    Hello, I have defined a report in the GRR3 transaction (Report writer) and am trying to use a variable in one of the columns. By reading the advice, it says you can enter the variable (0F-RP00 for example) as '&0F-RP00' and it should work, i am doing

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